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Blog Marketing – More targeted visitors and better rankings

Blog Marketing is one of the best ways to get more visitors, better rankings and of course more sales. Without targeted visitors that provide sales, the best website is actually worth nothing. Your website sleeps and you can watch as lower quality pages tap the traffic, snatch away the turnovers and stop rewarding the good search engines positions. This is certainly not what any website holder imagine.

One way to kill two birds with one stone is to build blog marketing. Done correctly, it can bring you links to your blog, relevant to the topic and thus targeted, interested visitors, who can bring you sales. In addition is a positive note, which becomes noticeable in better rankings and you thereby further Targeted Visitors will perform as a pleasant side effect of the search engine who will see these topics in relevant references.

What is Blog Marketing?

The blog marketing is an attempt to show presence on topics relevant blogs. Blogs are extremely popular information and communication platforms on the Internet. Bloggers are often in the role of opinion leaders and have a not inconsiderable influence in a possible purchase decision. In many blogs there will be a very frequently joined discussion in the threads and other powerful bloggers take on the respective thread and carry the idea further. Unlike static websites blogs shows the real life – a true fact which the search engines really love. Blogs are usually frequented by the search engines and visitors appreciate the continuous growth of information.

This popularity of blogs find more and more advertisers intreressting and try to persuade them about their products or services to report through a topic-relevant environment.

There are essentially three options:

• Traditional advertising through banner

• Guest Article

• Paid Article

Classic Banner

The classic Banner advertising is a clear deal between advertisers and bloggers. For an amount X a banner for the period Y is booked. This is a clear deal. The classic banners have disadvantages when it comes to the generation of genuine visitors. Banners are becoming increasingly rare clicked (so-called “banner blindness”). The proliferation of Adblockers also ensures that a significant part of the target audience does not even get your banner to the eyes of the visitor. Furthermore banner links are usually set to “nofollow” – so it will bring from SEO aspects therefore also very related benefits.

Guest Article

Most Guest Article already offered finished article to the relevant Blogs – in some cases also the blog holder is asking someone who is a known “guru” in a special theme to write an article for a very specific topic. The deal here is “content to backlink“. In theory, this way certainly sounds good. In practice, however, often appear problems. First the blogs who will coming into question have to be aquired. This means that bloggers need to be written, ask and convincing to let a guest article published. Then the corresponding article have to be written or commissioned. In the end, this is a very tedious and time consuming task. And since most bloggers now know what a guest article are worth they will be not satisfied with this deal the least. In addition to the content is often the question of money ask to release the blogpost. Guest articles are usually also named as a “Guest Article” and so they usually have much lower access to the visitors as articles that were written by the bloggers themselves.

Paid Article

Here the term “Sponsored Posts” is often used also. The classic guest article is actually also below this point. The blog-holder  receives money to wrote an article on a given topic. This item is then only one who is not recognizable as a guest article. It has the advantage that the usual style of writing in the blog will be maintained. It is obvious that in this environment, particularly links appear “natural.” A supposed disadvantage is that the primary visibility is given out of the hand. The blogger alone decides what and how he writes, but a good briefing can minimized the risk to the client.

How do I find blogs and bloggers interested?

Those of you who have already tried it, will be able to sing that song. It’s incredibly time-consuming and laborious to find appropriate blogs on their own. Requests for guest articles remain unanswered in most cases. More unknown you or your company are the harder it is. Of course you can hire online marketing agencies like us who will have a big selection of blogs which could fit your goals, and also we can find appropriate blogs who come for a blog marketing campaign in question in a topic-relevant environment.

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  • Ansh on May 27, 2013

    Right Ben,
    I agree with you. I feel guest posting is really important for more targeted visitors…

  • Meet on September 1, 2013

    Ben, I agree with you. I think that the guest article is the best way to get more exposure for your blog and get the targeted audience.

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