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Basic considerations on technical SEO factors

In the beginning of a website-project we´ll always take a look to the technical SEO factors – because this can save the customer of our seo-services and of course ourselves a lot of trouble!

Google pays attention in recent years increasingly to how websites are technically prepared. Introducing the Google Webmaster Tools marked a start to this development, the next step on this way was Google Page Speed ​​(and many more).
Search results will provide best quality and satisfying. A website that takes 40 seconds to open, makes visitors anxiously and at least unhappy. How many inbound links from this website is SEO perspective, the waiting, unnerved visitor does not matter at this moment. Google evaluates Visitors times, bounce rates and other signals of visitor satisfaction. For Google this satisfaction factors are very important, so sites with lower results will not show up on the front search results pages. The Problem is that we  all want in the top 10! Let us see in the following how we can promote the technology.

Important SEO Factor: Time

Ideally, drop the right technical decisions BEFORE creating a website. It is also useful when there are 1-2 rounds of optimization right after the start of the project. Then can be optimized in the specific server and software environment in which your website is actually running.

Your website already exists? Don’t worry, everything can also now be optimized: Some is simple, but many things are expensive in hindsight.

Another Important SEO Factor: Server location

Your visitors get the content faster to face when they do not even have to be sent halfway around the world. So it can make sense, there to have a web server where the visitors are mainly physical. When your website is mainly for local audience, then best host the sites on a server that is physically located in this country. International websites will better hostest in the USA.

Google recognizes the country in which a server is physically. Therefore a search for “web design” on Google Land-AA is completely different to the results than Google Land-BB, although both are in the same language. As well. .com or .eu domains can be clearly identified by the IP geolocation as an Site from Land-AA. Do you want to rank well in your country, therefore you are hosting better in your country.

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